The nightmare of Samsung, progressive regression of basic usefull functions. (Corrected on Galaxy A after april 2 & 23, 2016 updates)

This entry was first published in mid-February 2016. April 2, 2016 system update correct the problem. Now, device can be used as MTP and PTP device.
April 23, 2016 system update correct the second problem. Now, USB mass storage device (lke usb keys) can be used trhough a USB-OTG wire.

Samsung doesn’t want anymore customers… at least with the Galaxy A series.
* Now, there is no more support for MTP/PTP (mass storage was already removed some years ago), so, you can’t anymore connect via USB on any computer and exchange files…
* Worst, USB mass storage media (like USB keys) are not recognised by USB-OTG wire :(. Why do they remove this basic functionnalities found on any Android devices, including 20$ chinese ones.
* Fuckin/Suckin Microsoft applications are added, as Samsung and Google overload was not enough, reducing battry lifetime to nearly nothing. You need lot of work to disable most of them (in settings, applications submenues), and rooting device to have really peace and battry life.

I was very used to buy Samsung phones with Samsung processors, as there was not US ones, because of current wars in several Asian (Irak, Afghanistan…) and African (Libya, etc…) countries. No Us even add lot of money (with their France, Germany, and Saudian Arabia partnerrs) to Daech, as if libyan was not enough. And as Samsung is a weaponry partner of US (like LG and Daewoo). And their are anti electronic-freedom, I will make everything to avoid them…

At the same time, chineses companies make nice phones, like Huawei with their own processors, Xiaomi, but with US, Snapdragon processors, Meizu, and taiwan chineses like Asus or some other made some too. In this area I really prefer Rockchip that work openly with the internationally made Linux kernel, and I hope to found smartphones with those fine processors. Their new generation RK3399 seems really promising for best computing and energy efficient performances. That’s definitivly last time I buy a Samsung phone :(.

Song of the Day

Agressive Agricultor — Mon Cochon c’est mon copain (My pig is my friend)

A little song from the Basque (euskaldunak, in the language) group, where musical introduction start with a pig that is jugulated, typically to make bouudin. In is the song say (I copy paste from their website):

Mon cochon c'est mon copain
Malheureusement demain
C'est décembre qui commence
Je vais te trouer la panse 


My pig is my friend
Saddly, tomorrow
December start
I will make a hole in its rumen*

*: Trouer la panse (litteraly make a hole in the rumen), is a french expression for “to kill”.
Et demain qui commence, c’est exactement aujourd’hui, 30 novembre 2015.
Tomorrow is just december that start, we today are November 30 2015.

So please, becom muslim, jew, “good” christian that read and apply the “Bible”, hindouist, buddhist, jainist, sikh, vegan, or anything you like, but stop to eat pigs. An operation, a cat eaten for a pig eaten could perhaps be a good option. Stop also to eat living plants, kill them before, or bette, wait they die by themselve (oyster too please).

So, I today eat the last boudin I have and tomorrow I stop it (perhaps).

Blender is usable on ARMv7 (32 bits) without 3D acceleration thanks to LLVMpipe.

blender-17:2.76-1.0001-armv7h.pkg.tar.xz (Archlinux ARM package, december new version : blender-17:2.76.b-3-armv7h.pkg.tar.xz)

This works pretty well with Asus Chromebook C201 and its fantastic Rockchip RK3288 ARM SoC.

Still need to install OpenCL, to hardware accelerate Cycle render computing (second rendering in the video).