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WebGL is a 3d API for the Web based on OpenGL library. This is a W3C (managing web standard organisation) standard. Already existings applications are already wonderfull and show that web will quickly allow a better interactivity on surf, Here, some examples and links:

* Nokia Maps3d, far better than google earth and open source, you juste have to click on ‘zoom’ on entitled cities or to zoom manually on them (Video if application doesn’t work on your computer).

* “3 dreams of Black” from Rome (and some other demos). Videoclip mixing 2d digital animation, realtime 3d, postprocessing and interactivity. During the clip, mouse allow to lightly move the camera. After the clip you can move around 3 worlds (find youself gates), focus area follow mouse cursor (there is a short depth of field). Clicking mouse button allow to modify wall and grounds.

*WebGL Chrome experiments. This website is a frequently updated set of WebGL fantastic abilities demonstrations, with lot of specific effects around the web.

* Planet WebGL A planet (RSS aggregator) of WebGL ressources. There are lot of examples, tutorials and libraries to develop WebGL applications and integration in web pages.

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