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Using Gtkam
Gtkam allow remote control of various digital camera on Unix like systems (Linux, BSD, etc…) and liveview (tethered viewfinder) on some (most nikon DSLR and some canon one, old canon powershot pocket and some Nikon pocket, search here), DigiKam, do the same, but I only explain here the Gtkam usage. Entangle : Tethered Camera Control & Capture is a new, promizing project with a nice GTK interface and the more specialized photography workflow and processing Darktable that capture using raw format (but doesn’t have liveview). Rawtherapee is another interesting photography processing software, more fast and light than Darktable on low-end computer, but that doesn’t allow camera control. There is also Darkroom a little project on KDE.

To use a camera in Gtkam, follow the menu : Camera => Add Camera

Click then on button: [Detect], it will automatically detect your camera (if it’s supported) :

Click then on [OK].

You will need then to wait during few seconds, the libgphoto used by Gtkam initialize the camera and scan it’s memory card directories. You can see a progress-bar at the bottom og the main windows, you have to wait it finish this action before using the camera:


Then in the list you will see your camera, click with right mouse button and choose in the contextual menu the item [Capture image...]


If your camera supporte liveview (remote viewfinder) in libgphoto, the you will see a realtime view of your viewfinder, like this one (I added this picture on Gtkam article on Wikipedia), else you will probably be able to capture a picture by clicking on the [Capture] button of this new window if your camera support remote capture (click on picture to zoom it) :

You will also be able to modify your camera settings for next capture by pressing the preferences button (display only if supported), or by rightclicking on camera on the list => bouton préférences de cette nouvelle fenêtre comme ici (cliquez sur l’image pour l’agrandir) => [View camera preferences] (will be gray if your camera can’t be remotly controled or if gphoto can’t do it.

gtkam - Configuration de la prise de vue

Ogg video here/ici

MP4 / OGV:

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