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Two ArchlinuxARM applications

* Entangle is a realtime DSLR camera remote control, based on gphoto2 I already wrote about 3 years ago.
* Bochs, an x86 emulator, that allows to use x86 system on a window, on ARM :D.

I only recompiled package from the ArchLinux (x86) PKGBUILD files, using makepkg -a and installing missing dependencies with pacman.

You can find my ArchlinuARM compiled packages here, I will try to understand the process to integrate them in ArchlinuxARM AUR.

I put them in my Cubieboard directory, but there should work fine for any ARMv7h plateform where ArchLinuxARM runs :


To install a package from filesystem : pacman -U name_of_the_package.pkg.tar.xz