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Android without Google and GNU/Linux with APK


* GNU/Linux on your phone now
* GNU/Linux with Android APK compatibility layer
* Managing APK of a device
** Listing APK installed on the device
** Dumping an APK installed on the device
** Installing an APK onto the device from the computer
** Removing closed source spywares from your current Android system as a transition phase

Android will move from Linux kernel and open specs APK format to a more closed package format and to their closed source Fuschia kernel going away from Free Open Source software (FOSS) that make Google, Android, ChromeOS grow, but also that are used on most of the internet servers, on most of supercomputer in the world, on most spacecrafts, on most internet boxes, TVboxes, etc…

You can easily remove any package of your Android device, ever without root access, using adb from your computer (see full article for more details):

adb shell pm list packages
adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 com.google.android.gm

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