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FOSS handwriting recognition input with Linux

Handwrtting recognition system was standard tools in China and Japan, since 1980′s using graphics tablets pads, packaged with specialized software, beside lot of pure keyboard systems. In Europe, we needed to wait until end of 1990′s for handwritting systems in opensource software, and more recently for their democratisation. Those method can also help people without hands to write using foots, mouth or other device that allow to manipulate a more traditionnal writting tool like a pen or a brush.

Kanjipad (english language web site), is probably one of the older (since 1997) handwriting recognition system for Linux, but it is not really active those days.

Some new free softwares reached the opensources ecosystems since

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Good news for our planet

* The G77 of 133 less developed countries (in french) was in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. The special guest was China, that in few decades managed to go out from poverty and continue to cooperate with poor countries, where OTAN continue to use their ressources and maintain dictatorships. This working group will try to go out of poverty by itself before 2030. China will progress more and more with these countries in their economic grow, they are (including China) 77 % of the global population. The title of the conference, “For a New World Order for Living Well ». That’s probably an answer to the text included on the stamp and at the reverse of one US$ note. Official site of G77 at UNO.

* RP of China will create an alternative to World bank, to face a US mostly controled institution and the habits of this bank to try to ruin South countries economics by taking their natural ressources at lowest prices and by pushing some dictators. Some countries that had the power and the money to go out of this system, done this as quickly as possible, as Venezuela and its allieds countries.

* After The Ukraine coup d’Etat made by OTAN and US corrupted oligarc ally (US diplomatics cables via Wikileaks) become presidentby 20 % of the population (60 % abstention after ukrainian government), and it’s neo-nazi, right wings allies (Svoboda and Pravyï sektor, that are most important part of West-Ukrain army, that made massive bombing at East of Ukrain on russophone people, killed russian journalists (UNO source). OTAN that have the control of most blue card systems (Visa and Master Card) blocked some Russian banks and companies. SoSome more Russian companies will avoid US$ as international money exchange and will use Renminbi (chinese yuan) instead.

* A Russian consortium (Universal Electronic Card), after this blocus, started to create its own bank card system.. This will probably have fewer chance to contains holes and backdoors than actual one? Russians have a really good education system in Mathematics and computer science. For security holes in occidental credit cards systems, see also this and a protection method for credit card NFC holes. Here is the description of the simplicity of credit cards system