2 thoughts on “Cubieboard2(2D/3D/视频) 图像硬件加速 (还有MyPaint 1.1版 + Wacom graphics tablet)

  1. MartinB

    Greetings from Czech Republic!

    I wondering if you can desribe how to compile version for internal NAND booting instead of booting with uboot from SATA drive. I’m absolute begginer when it comes down to compiling distros, but I’m interested in using Cubie for Vjing (via custom OpenFrameworks application, basicaly C++ and OpenGL), but somehow, there is problem with accessing hardware acceleration, which as I see you somehow solved. Maybe if you could upload already compiled image or at least provide some information, that would be awesome!

    Best regards


    1. Popolon Post author

      You must first know, that Cubieboard1/2, have a Mali GPU, that, as all ARM GPU, until there is an ARM platform with PCI or desktop/server GPU, doesn’t support OpenGL acceleration, it only supports OpenGL ES, embedded subset of OpenGL. This is good enough for most task. So first this framwork must be ported to OpenGL ES. I seen, there was some effort to port it to OpenGL ES only, about one year ago and some report success about it:


      I installed NAND image at first with allwinner tool for Linux, but I had error, and image I used was very instable. I currently try to have a good system on HDD or µSD, and then will backport it to NAND. I must first manage to write into NAND from µSD or SATA booted system, the allwinner application from allwinner doesn’t work well.

      Ultimatly, I would like to have a quick booting image from NAND, like an hibernated image, so, it can populate memory really quickly, have a little partition for users data, and be able to choose between NAND and SATA or µSD for a more complete standard desktop system or server oriented system.