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Inkscape0.91pre (and archLinuxARM test)

After a fist test of Inkscape 0.91pre, due to the number of changes, and improvement of reactivity, to resolved bugs, better multithread (with OpenMP), etc… I wanted to try it on my Cubieboard2, where it was usable for basic function, but a little slow for some advanced fucntions (like calligraphic tool).

I then compiled it on ArchlinuxARM to test it on my Cubieboard2, I put the paquet in mon micro-reprository ArchlinuxARM, because I still didn’t understand the process to submit it in yaourthouse of AUR (Arch User Repository) or inArchlinuxARM repository.

So then… that’s really fast. This uses both 2 Cortex-A7 CPU (need to be tested on quadcore far faster Cortex-A17 architectures like Rockchip RK3288 like Rikomagic MK802II LE (for Linux Edition), see demo) :). That’s now fully usable, blurs are still slow to draw, but display is relatively asyncrone.

For information, my video is recorded on a x86_64 with application remote display, using X11/tcp (via 100 Mb switch ), this explain some slowness and time shift in display.

Writing traditional mongol with Android and Linux

After the previous article: Writing traditional mongol with Firefox

* wrote a tutorial about creating traditionnal mongol input method for iBus. His site also contain mongolian course in english.
* (民族语言软件创新平台) 基于Android系统的蒙古文输入法 (traditional mongol input method, need to be registered).
* 基于Android平台的蒙古文输入法研究与实现 (Inner Mongolia University project)