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Date format problem with WordPress + qTranslate resolved

I found here, the solution at the display date problem, when using WordPress with qTranslate, a plugin to write and using post in several languages.

* Before: %A %e %B %Y
* After: Thursday August 1st, 2013

There is still a problem in chinese, the date is wrote in english.

There only to replace the double % in the <code>wp-content/plugins/qtranslate-*/qtranslate_utils.php</code> file

$strftime_parameters[] = '%%';

by a single one

$strftime_parameters[] = '%';

Recover partition table on Linux just after destroying it

At the time I want to repartition a disk connected to USB, I destroyed by inattention my system disk one. Testdisk save my life.

The killing error :

cfdisk /dev/sda => modification => write.

well, as it should never be the case before changing partitions. I didn’t saved my partitions before !! :)

Include forecd option that save incrementally the partition table in (c)fdisk sould be nice, this only take few octets and could save lot of datas.
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