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RISC-V overall progress

WordPress is so cumbersome (brut long text in SQL DB and other misconception (WTF?), buggy (especially to multilingual content missing) and hard to maintain on long term that I didn’t posted for long time I want to migrate. You can test the new log engine (here specialised in TIC-80 256 bytes code on

I continued my travel toward RISC-V I started as said in a previous post in may 2018.

RISC-V Benefits

Among the benefit of RISC-V beside other implementations:
* Open source and without license fee availability, allowing everyone to participate, implement and have full specifications
* Highest modularity for a processor in specifications, You can reduce the core to only the set of functions you want for a specific tasks, allowing less transistor/more compact specialized cores, and then multiply cores with some specialized in some kind of tasks.
* Vector extension

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Compiler OpenToonz sur Linux avec l’état actuel cassé (septembre 2017)

voir pour le bug report sur le compte Github d’OpenToonz.

git clone
cd opentoonz
git checkout 14f0fd28bbeec42dfcebcebe59b858931eaeb881
mkdir -p $HOME/.config/OpenToonz
cp -r opentoonz/stuff $HOME/.config/OpenToonz/
cat « EOF > $HOME/.config/OpenToonz/SystemVar.ini
cd thirdparty/tiff-4.0.3
./configure —with-pic —disable-jbig
make -j4 # choisir le nombre de cœurs
cd ../../toonz
mkdir build
cmake ../sources
make -j4 # choisir le nombre de cœurs
sudo make install # Va aller dans /opt/opentoonz/bin/opentoonz

Song of the Day

Agressive Agricultor — Mon Cochon c’est mon copain (My pig is my friend)

A little song from the Basque (euskaldunak, in the language) group, where musical introduction start with a pig that is jugulated, typically to make bouudin. In is the song say (I copy paste from their website):

Mon cochon c'est mon copain
Malheureusement demain
C'est décembre qui commence
Je vais te trouer la panse 


My pig is my friend
Saddly, tomorrow
December start
I will make a hole in its rumen*

*: Trouer la panse (litteraly make a hole in the rumen), is a french expression for “to kill”.
Et demain qui commence, c’est exactement aujourd’hui, 30 novembre 2015.
Tomorrow is just december that start, we today are November 30 2015.

So please, becom muslim, jew, “good” christian that read and apply the “Bible”, hindouist, buddhist, jainist, sikh, vegan, or anything you like, but stop to eat pigs. An operation, a cat eaten for a pig eaten could perhaps be a good option. Stop also to eat living plants, kill them before, or bette, wait they die by themselve (oyster too please).

So, I today eat the last boudin I have and tomorrow I stop it (perhaps).