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Make good health exercices, keep good health and improve production. Build a granda patry, break United-State imperialist doctrine bacteriological warfare*.

Bonne anniversaire à la République populaire de Chine !
Happy birthday to People républic of China!

* Since january 1952, United-States used bactériological warfares over korean and chinese populations.

Disable Google spies from default WordPress during update time

This method is for a default WordPress archive taken from site, without external plugin. The explaination are against WordPress 3.8.3, upgrading from version 3.8. We will assume here, that your public web directory is www/, but it depends on hosting service, distribution or your own configuration.

Before starting the update, SAVE YOUR FILES AND DATABASE. I also assume that you use the default wordpress directory for serving your blog and database named wordpress.

tar cf wordpress.tar www/wordpress; gzip -9 wordpress.tar     # Archive directory containing WordPress installation.
mysqldump -a wordpress >wordpress.dump; gzip -9 wordpress.dump         # Dump the associated mysql database

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