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FOSS handwriting recognition input with Linux

Handwrtting recognition system was standard tools in China and Japan, since 1980′s using graphics tablets pads, packaged with specialized software, beside lot of pure keyboard systems. In Europe, we needed to wait until end of 1990′s for handwritting systems in opensource software, and more recently for their democratisation. Those method can also help people without hands to write using foots, mouth or other device that allow to manipulate a more traditionnal writting tool like a pen or a brush.

Kanjipad (english language web site), is probably one of the older (since 1997) handwriting recognition system for Linux, but it is not really active those days.

Some new free softwares reached the opensources ecosystems since

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WordPress and Google

By default, WordPress sent everything you type when you edit a page to google, “to help you correct your spell”:

In the file wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/spellchecker/config.php, you will see the default :

        // General settings
        $config['general.engine'] = 'GoogleSpell';
        //$config['general.engine'] = 'PSpell';
        //$config['general.engine'] = 'PSpellShell';
        //$config['general.remote_rpc_url'] = '';

        // PSpell settings
        $config['PSpell.mode'] = PSPELL_FAST;
        $config['PSpell.spelling'] = "";
        $config['PSpell.jargon'] = "";
        $config['PSpell.encoding'] = "";

        // PSpellShell settings
        $config['PSpellShell.mode'] = PSPELL_FAST;
        $config['PSpellShell.aspell'] = '/usr/bin/aspell';
        $config['PSpellShell.tmp'] = '/tmp';

        // Windows PSpellShell settings
        //$config['PSpellShell.aspell'] = '"c:\Program Files\Aspell\bin\aspell.exe"';
        //$config['PSpellShell.tmp'] = 'c:/temp';

Replace in the first packet of rules Google by pspell (a host working spellchecker) pspell/aspell must be installed on your server,, and the php version you use :

        // General settings
        //$config['general.engine'] = 'GoogleSpell';
        $config['general.engine'] = 'PSpell';
        $config['general.engine'] = 'PSpellShell';
        //$config['general.remote_rpc_url'] = '';

Writing traditional mongol with Firefox

Another strangly configured variable in Firefox…
To correctly display vertical traditionnal mongol writing in Firefox, go to the about:config URL, then change the value of the variable to 87 (that’s strangly -1 by default, this is only used for mongol fonts):

gfx.font_rendering.harfbuzz.scripts .

Update:, firefox 29 has 255 instead of -1 (looks like a change in the (computer data type from int to uint)

A specialized javascript site to write traditionnal mongol writing :

Thanks to Ganbold from #linux-sunxi for this tips.