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The Three ARM Cortex-A (ARMv7) SoC generations and some GCC optimizations options for

I started to write this post during 2013 autumn, some changes come since, they are in bold in the text.

Some references:
* ARM Compiler toolchain Assembler Reference on ARM documentations site.
* GCC ARM Options, that is also in the gcc manpage.

Translation not finished, work in progress
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Install Ubuntu-13.10 beta2 ARM on Cubieboard2 from another Cubie ARM system :)

Work in progress: Following this tutorial there is still problem with automatic network dhcp and clock at boot time, until installing a full distro desktop. I still need to find the needed packages to resolve this without installing the full distro

Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy on Cubieboard2

Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy on Cubieboard2

In my case, I start from a previously installed system with u-boot and kernel, this make things easier.
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2D/3D/Video acceleration on cubieboard2 (and MyPaint v1.1 + Wacom数码绘图板)

I managed, this week-end, finally relativly easily to add full hardware acceleration support on Cubieboard2. I used the current stage (beta) of linux-sunxi kernel, and followed step by step kernel compilation tutorial on wiki. I slightly improved documentation, in the case of AllWinner A20.

Focus that created the system image I used to these modification also made an article about this, inspirated by some of my recommandations, and now, The modified image is available from the download area of You can still continue to read this article to understand how to for another distribution. I myself needed to apply some of this rules for my version of (l/x)ubuntu 13.10
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