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Betty Lucky, a young taiwanese, seems to use MyPaint and Painter for it’s artwork.

Knight, a chinese user, used to express love feeling, inspirated by some other works, creating original work.

Jag-rabisco that studied fine arts in Bologna (Italy) and live in Brazil also use MyPaint, and Gimp in its artistic workflow.

At the same time, a new Russian user, Portnov worked greatly on Mypaint, and added lot of new features:
* internationalization (we added chinese (simplified), french, norwish, russian, swedish translation).
* layers dialog (with d’n'd facilities to reorg layers)
* color palette, to keep a constant color work on painting (accepting d’n'd, interpolating in 2d between added colors and empty slots).
* new color selector (after SeamJM suggestions), with wheel and automatically generated complementary colors, HSV/RGB text entries, and color history inside. colors can be drag’n'droped to palette.
* recently used brush and brush tagging/organization

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