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In few time, two forks of MyPaint has be done, one is about animation and will probably never be integrated in trunk, the other is called anime (the japanese word about animation), but is in a first time at least oriented to draw manga.

After the Charbel Jacquin, MyPaint animation fork in march 2010, a second one MyPaint animation fork par Manuel Quiñones, was done from june to jully 2011. The goal is to work on a short film called “Viaje a la tierra del Quebracho“.

An excellent post from Prokoudine about xsheet-mypaint about this on

This fork is a little bit more advanced, with the ability to:
* Have several cellulo layers (a frame is composed from background and n layers)
* Add cellulos only time for several frames
* copy/paste Cellulos/frames
* add description to frames

This fork has been done by the author of the famous Gimp Paint Studio, gimp fork. It’s name ‘mypaint-anime’ should wonder some animation purpose, but today they announced only simple manga (aka comics) goal.
From this branch, the first notable step is the integration of SVG compatible layer modes (Normal, Multiply, Burn, Dodge, Screen), this was today reintegrated on Mypaint trunk. The next add from this branch, could be color filling.

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