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grignouf au resto
Animation made with gimp and GAP, click to see.
Animation faite avec gimp et GAP, cliquez pour visualiser.

Old version

Ajout :
Je viens de découvrir qu’on mangeait du chat en France auparavant.


  1. Hi….

    Killing cats is not nice :o(… dont like this animation…

    Comment by Waldgeist — %AM %036 %Europe/Paris%q, %2005 @ %0:%Nov %p

  2. I think it’s better to eat them dead than alive, as some people done (as example) with other humans in America during european colonisation.

    I believe than eating cat, is like eating dog, sheep or anything else, it must be done with the respect of what is eated, that too rarely the case with industrial food. I never eated cat, but I would like to do as I’m not vegetarian, even if I eat only rarely meat.

    I really like the cantonese :
    “Everything that have four legs can be eat, but tables and chairs.”

    Is this the only one reason you don’t like this animation ? I like critics. This is the only way to progress :).

    Comment by Administrator — %AM %072 %Europe/Paris%q, %2005 @ %0:%Nov %p

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