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mybrush head (1)
I discovered some days ago, using freshmeat a free graphical sketchbook with lot of cool brushes. It’s called mypaint. A free software coded in python and using GTK+ and cairo.

This illustration is a test of this tool.

* There is no ctrl-Z (Update there is ctrl-Z in 0.5)
* There is no layer

And globally not lot of tools. That’s only a great, powerfull simple sketchbook with lot of brushes and parameters.

mypaint brush thumb

Ther’s a very good idea for color palette. There is generic GTK palette (G-key) and a very innovating palette (V-key).

A tutorial by the author

The same way there are lot of graphic tools not well know in free software with some interesting features :

* Gogh given in link on MyPaint site. Another little tool in the same spirit, but with layers and undo. I didn’t manage to compile it.
* Flexlay An graphic tool oriented games. Every user action are momorized as vectors. This allow infinite zoom without pixels constraints and later supress of every choosen strokes.
* MtPaint More pixel orientel as Amiga famous Deluxe Paint.
* Lunapaint, inspirated by the 2 Amiga famous tools DPaint and TVpaint. It manages 16bits/color and allow to do animation.

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