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Speed sketsch of a looking television person, I didn’t want to draw her precisily, but only it’s face position and colors of the ambiance.

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OraTools is for now a plug-in for Gimp that allow to Open and save the Create project OpenRaster format, default working file format of MyPaint.
To install it, download tarball, unarchive it, and read the included README.txt.

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Betty Lucky, a young taiwanese, seems to use MyPaint and Painter for it’s artwork.

Knight, a chinese user, used to express love feeling, inspirated by some other works, creating original work.

Jag-rabisco that studied fine arts in Bologna (Italy) and live in Brazil also use MyPaint, and Gimp in its artistic workflow.

At the same time, a new Russian user, Portnov worked greatly on Mypaint, and added lot of new features:
* internationalization (we added chinese (simplified), french, norwish, russian, swedish translation).
* layers dialog (with d’n'd facilities to reorg layers)
* color palette, to keep a constant color work on painting (accepting d’n'd, interpolating in 2d between added colors and empty slots).
* new color selector (after SeamJM suggestions), with wheel and automatically generated complementary colors, HSV/RGB text entries, and color history inside. colors can be drag’n'droped to palette.
* recently used brush and brush tagging/organization

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Technic : draw with ballpen on paper + scan + gimp => copy/paste to mypaint, color by mypaint save as multiple png
remiport in gimp for remix (with multiply mode for first layer)

I wrote several functions to import/export layers as multiple png in Mypaint, the save after review and correction was integrated in Mypaint, the open, is in standby. => patchs

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