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A thing that always wonder me in Guangzhou (广州) are the number of road in the sky on most strests. The vehicles are of all kinds. bicycle, electric bicycle, tricycle with baggage placement, big blue trucks, small (European/Asian style) to big cars including SUV and berlins, the thousands of bus lines and pedestrians crossing streets anywhere.

About the colors, this is a mix between raw concrete of these sky roads and old buildings from 70’s or 80’s with lot of tropical plants, palm trees and other everywhere, even on the sky roads. The polluted atmosphere is really lowered by all this vegetation.

The following drawing is not finished and ugly this is a quick sketch made with Gimp using graphic tablet.

Here a video to better understand theses streets:

rue_de_guangzhou.flv (MPlayer / VLC can read it)

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gimp-2.5.1 paintbrush pressure

The graphics tablet and movement management is greatly improved in Gimp-2.5.1, there are no several parameters for pressure, velocity and randomness can differently change effects on opacity, hardness, size and color. The little triangular icon, allow with a slider to change the parameter usage power with positives or negatives values.

It is also possible to save several configuration of the tool, choose them back or delete some.

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Ah !!! F11 Key with Gimp save the life on eeePC :)
La touche F11 avec Gimp sauve la vie sur eeePC :)

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englishThe animatic was made with paper and pencil on lighting table.
The background is quick acrylic painting.
The whole is scanned/assembled with Gimp Animation Package (GAP), then the pig is coloried with gimp tools with GAP.
This was done in june 2007

capture de la vidéo de test du cochon

Click on the picture to download/view the animation (XviD format)


free and open source animation tools now works on Linux/Mac/Wine there is even an Ubuntu package on the Pencil site. I don’t understand everything (how to move object/camera/vector graphics ?), but it looks good and doesn’t crash ;). Graphic tablet pressure is well supported (even via X11 remote network display :) ).

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Salle des machines

Dessin à l’encre stylo feutre guohua (marque chinoise), mise en couleur sous Gimp.

Ink drawing using guohua pen, colored with Gimp

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