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Repair the cauldron (补锅) is an Hunan province huāgǔxì (花鼓戏, flowers and drums opera) popular opera style. thus kind of opera is also widly spread in nearest provinces.

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Hanggai (in mongolian cyrillic : Хангай) is a chinese group of mongolian origin of Beijing. They mix traditional mongol music (in mongole langage Morin khuur, overtone singing… electric guitar and punk-rock) like 80’s European alternative rock.

Nederland, Drinklied/Netherland, Dring song

Longer concert in United states:

Ce billet existe également en Français
Translation, subtitling (and captioning) have a big help from the web.

Nowadays some tools appear, at least good enough for syncing translation efforts on the web, perhaps not so good, because of bug, and slow flash usage in some case, this is at least a good start for a quick and efficiency planet-communautary driven translation. is a collaborative (and free as beer) tool, allowing to translate .po by team. .po are translation files automatically generated by gettext tool (a Gnu tool) with the goal to help to translate (free) softwares.

Open Subtitles is a well known international video subtitles database since several years. is another collaborative (and free as beer) tool, allowing to add subtitles and captions in any existing online video. There’s only one enforcement, the video must be, at worst in flash format (on Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion…) or at best in HTML-5 format (WebM, Ogg/Theora, or mp4/H264). The second option allow to edit on a low end computer (as mine) directly on the site, and with the better quality of those formats. The flash version is mostly unusable, at least you have a computer that use the power of the whole Fukushima plant melting power (at least 4 times Tchernobyl). I finaly use computer installed specialized softwares for subtitling, you can find some references on the FLOSS manual dedicated to vido subtitles. But the best solution was finally for me vi + mplayer.

Here is an example (I found this one searching something in chinese to translate) that some viewer couldn’t like :D, with Chinese, English and French subtitles. Sadly it was in Flash format, I worked hard (thankyou FlashVideoReplacer + vi + “mplayer -utf8 -sub *.srt *.mp4″). And as you see, you can integrate it in copy-pasting only 3 lignes of code. I don’t understand whyfor this is in flash, as I uploaded mp4 after the original flash, and some other HTML-5 content are in whole HTML-5 interface…

Flash version (subtitles not synced on my old computer) :

HTML-5 version (doesn’t work with cunjunction of my blog and my paranoid all-blocking browser :D, oops, it works, but is very slow because also in flash :( (syncing problem could be due to lack on timespace between subtitles forthis js, works perfectly in mplayer ?) :

sha jizi
couper le poulet
cut the chicken
Shasizi, couper du poulet

Dessin réalisé sous The Gimp

« Couper le poulet » est une expression chinoise, qui se dit lorsque l’on joue mal d’un instrument à corde, le faisant crisser comme une poule que l’on égorge. C’est notament la façon dont je joue du erhu.

“Cut the chicken” is a chinese expression to describe a beginner in string instruement, sounding like dying chicken.
That’s also the sound I do begining at the erhu.

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La Carmagnole est écrite en 1792, elle est a propos des gens de l’ouest de Paris (Versailles entre autre).

Madam’ Veto avait promis (bis)
De faire égorger tout Paris (bis)
Mais son coup a manqué
Grâce à nos canonniers.


        Dansons la Carmagnole
        Vive le son (bis)
        Dansons la Carmagnole
        Vive le son du canon !
        Dansons la Carmagnole
        Vive le son (bis)
        Dansons la Carmagnole
        Vive le son du canon !

        Ah ! ça ira, ça ira, ça ira
        Les aristocrat’s à la lanterne
        Ah ! ça ira, ça ira, ça ira
        Les aristocrat’s on les pendra

Monsieur Veto avait promis (bis)
D’être fidèle à son pays (bis)
Mais il y a manqué,
Ne faisons pas de quartier.

Antoinette avait résolu (bis)
De nous faire tomber sur le cul (bis)
mais son coup a manqué,
Ne faisons pas de quartier.

Amis, restons unis (bis)
Ne craignons pas nos ennemis (bis)
S’ils viennent nous attaquer,
Nous les ferons sauter.

Oui, nous nous souviendrons toujours (bis)
Des sans-culottes des faubourgs (bis)
A leur santé buvons,
Vivent ces francs lurons.

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