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After an exercise in painting workshop. This exercise was used by Picasso or Fragonard. Draw curved lines until a chaos appear. In this chaos see shapes and paint them to get them out.

Technique : Mypaint & Wacom

Cette année est l’année de la vache sur le calendrier chinois

J’en profite pour passer un joyeux anniversaire.

Technique : Dessin sur papier au critérium (le vrai, mine 2mm), mise en couleur numérique sous Gimp, en s’inspirant des techniques de sanguines.

françaisIl y a également une version en français de cet article
As previewsly seen, Mypaint-0.6.0 add multilayer feature and rotating canvas between other good tools in its big toolbox of good numerical painting application.

As seen on the Calcyum web site, Gimp paint studio is a set of brushes tools and presets to add to Gimp to enhance Gimp powerfull capabilities in this area.

But another good news is last beta of Krita-2, giving lot of new features like nice brushes (notably chinese/watercolor brush and chalk) for numerical painting and canvas rotation. Katelier sources (subset of Koffice with only dependencies to run Krita 2 and Karbon 14 (vector illustration tool from KDE).

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I tried make (with gimp) )an icon for the GImp category of this blog that will use wordpress plugin

category icons
Wilber without outline

Plunging view at the top of a cliff.

Speed-painting - Falaise, vue plongeante

]time : 1h15
Technic : Mypaint after photo

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