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Analogic Drawings/paintings

3 paintings and some sketchs. See also here
bidule_et_sa_fille_25p_16c.png Mr_nouille.jpg cimaise_273_petiot.png Platre_HB_2B.jpg CharlesV_dessin_platre.jpg George W. Cesarius.png cesarious.png nadege lavis Mouettes mine de plomb et pierre noire
peinture_etretat.jpg pochade de belier nu pierre noire et gouache Aquarelle_bretagne.jpg Acrylique-2.jpg Acrylique3.jpg La_chaise_pastel_huile.jpg Cerisier de mars fleurs et feuilles
C-DOU.Mandarine.jpg C-DOU.Cannelle.jpg C-DOU.Pomme verte.jpg

Analogic Sketchs/finalized comic strip

Arret_de_Bus.jpg Tournesols_page1.png Tournesols_page2.png bd_mouche.jpg

Numerical sketch/drawing/painting

Some tests, 100% gimp (with mouse and without graphic tablet :(.
WARNING "Tete a Isabey", is a copy (using mouse), from the painting from a master, in a magazine.
Test_illustration2.jpg tete_a_isabey.jpg Essai_gro_caca.jpg Soiree_fin_annee.png Bonanee2004.png Lapin
Gimp too, but with tablet.
"YU chinoisseux" is a copy (first try at graphic tablet) of painting (碑鱼, tablet fish) from chinese master painter Li Xiongcai (黎 雄才), find in the book: "Flowers, Birds, and insects by Li Xiongcai". Less or more bad interpretation.
YU_chinoisseux.jpg la_bacca.jpg One year old Sous_les_ponts_d'daumesnil.jpg speedpaintfalaise_plongeante

Analogic drawing, numericaly corlized

(using The Gimp, (in french, in chinese))
Look here for technics I used.
Noisettes.jpg Place_d_Aligre_Perspective.jpg Marche_couvert_fontaine.1.jpg Salle des machines

Vector drawings

using Inkscape
Pasteque.jpg CRS_v2.jpg
Presque_n_et_b.png desert_V2.jpg Jaune_du_dessus.jpg Jaune_du_dessus_fu.jpg
toitagiroshol.jpg Pein_et.jpg rouleau_sinois.jpg

Evolution of gfx

Here you can find the work in progress on a drawing made with pencil, then scaned with sane, and a low-end as6e scaner at 300FF (near 45euros) some years ago. Whole the work of cleaning/painting was made with gimp-1.1.25 et + (developement version that was used before 1.2.x version). (The actual stable is 2.2.0 and contain a lot of exciting new things since the 2.0.x, the 2.x series should stop complaint from everyone that dislike 1.x series)
No more description, but you can the work in progress. That certainly not the best, at the time I done this, I didn't know technics about layer (and do not know all today), and didn't follow any graphic courses.
The work is not finished and will probably never be, but I keep it here if it could help someone to understand some technics.

tronche1.jpg tronche2.jpg tronche3.jpg tronche4.jpg tronche5.jpg tronche6.jpg

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